Meso Ox – Hydralight – 5ml x 5 vials


Facial mesocortical for the prevention and treatment of devitalized skin and the first signs of aging, through its multivitamin formula with hyaluronic acid.

Action mechanism

Prepared to be used as an anti-aging and revitalizing treatment due to its high composition of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and trace elements essential for all the biological functions of the cell, together with hyaluronic acid.


Combined with: Laser / Carboxytherapy / Radiofrequency / Photobiodynamic Therapy (Footage & Skin ox)
Mixed with: Meso ox Antiaging
(Max 1.5-2ml per session). 1 per week (3 sessions)

Technical Features

Active ingredient Effect
Hyaluronic acid Hydration and antiaging
Cyanocobala min RNA, DNA production
To the girl Energetic
Arginine HCl Prevents ill. heart
Asparagine Protein biosynthesis
Aspartic acid Synthesis of amino acids
Cysteine HCL Synthesis of amino acids
Glutamic acid Cellular metabolism
Glutamine Amino acid
Wisteria Collagen precursor
Histidine HCL Nutritious
Isoleucine Hemoglobin synthesis
Leucine Hemoglobin synthesis
Lysine HCl Essential amino acid
Methionine Amino acid
Phenylalanine Dopamine precursor
Tryptophan Serotonin precursor
Calcium chloride Replenish calcium levels
Copper sulphate Vitamin supplement
Iron sulphate Tissue oxygenation
Magnesium sulphate Anticonvulsant
Manganese sulphate Facilitates proc. metabolic
Ammonium molybdate Mineral nutrition
Nickel chlorure Drying agent
Potassium Phosphate Mineral nutrition
Active ingredient Effect
Sodium chloride Osmotic action
Sodium Metasilicate Mineral nutrition
Disodium selenite Mineral nutrition
Stannous chloride Mineral nutrition
Zinc sulfate Mineral nutrition
Proline Collagen precursor
Serine Slurry biosynthesis
Threonine Fat metabolism
Biotin Mineral nutrition
Folinic acid calcium salt Mineral nutrition
Inositol Vitamin nutrition
Niacinamide (Vit B3) Prevents hair loss
Pantothenic acid Antioxidant
Pyridoxine HCL (Vit B6) Amino acid precursor
Riboflavin Coenzyme precursor
Thiamine HCL (vit B1) Cell growth
Thymidine DNA constituent
Putrescine HCL Cell proliferation
Red phenol sodium salt Nutrition
Valine Tissue repair
Adenine HCL Hydration
Glucose Energetic
Linoleic acid Cell membrane synthesis
Sodium pyruvate Metabolite in glycolysis
Thioctic acid Nutrition
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